Dubai, UAE

La Mer

This beachfront development shaped a fresh and different attraction for tourists and residents. Our lighting design scope consisted of exterior lighting for 130 retail and food outlets within the public realm spread over 2.5M sqft. The lighting design creates a casual yet rustic atmosphere, with public squares and certain streets taking a more dramatic approach. This variance in tempo helped create moments of surprise and interest. Inspiration was drawn from its seaside location and the city’s seafaring traditions.

Responding to this concept, a catenary lighting system was developed to provide much of the ambient light for walkways and squares. Hanging light sources alternate between glass spheres and engraved jam jars, reinforcing the rustic feeling. These hanging pendants with LED filament light sources created a sense of warmth, and brilliance... with sparkles!

All light sources were placed on a dimming system allowing for control of light levels, with lower levels used for the boardwalk and higher levels selected for walking paths away from the beach. Areas such as public squares and celebration drive received the highest light levels and uniformity. Lower lumen output light sources with glare shields were chosen for light sources close to pedestrians, such as jogging tracks and boardwalks.

Responding to the project theme, 10m and 3m high bespoke timber poles and 53 custom pendants, brackets, tree sconces, and other fitting types were designed using wood, steel, rope, and brass. The design and coordination of the custom fittings, coupled with the project's sheer scale, was a massive undertaking.

The façade lighting and seating area lighting of the beach huts consisted of light integrated into architectural C-channels, and underneath the decking and architectural wall washers, highlighting attractive wall finishes and wall art.






Facade, Landscape Lighting

"Like any other Meraas destination, the attention to detail is impressive" - UAE National