Dubai, UAE


Located in the heart of La Mer, Laguna transports visitors to an eclectic and playful wharf retail and hospitality destination inspired by the industrial era. Incorporating both functional and decorative luminaires, the lighting design was carefully coordinated with the landscape team for a seamless aesthetic.

Lighting creates visual landmarks that act as invitations to entries or gateways into the development and visual guides that facilitate wayfinding. These points of interest that provide orientation are recognisable day and night and can be found whilst wandering the site. The lighting mood, as well as the character of the light fittings, changes throughout the different sections. All blend seamlessly, whether approaching the 1900s era in the factories, the 1950s at the warehouses of design evolution, or the 1850s Victorian antique-style character as you move towards the old wharf.

Character changes from primarily white to coloured lights along the main axis road with splashes of colour, are used on the fa├žades. Lights highlight paintings and elements of the elevations and emphasise the industrial character, with signage forming an exciting addition to the wharf whilst providing orientation along with colour and brilliance.






Facade, Landscape Lighting