Delta Lighting Design was established in Dubai in 2004 and opened its second studio in London in 2015. The studios were founded to help design and create unique landmark projects, and to help enhance living environments for residents and guests of the cities in which we work.

Delta Lighting Design approaches each project with an out-of-the-box outlook. We design incomparable projects, and work with top-tier designers and architects who strive to create exceptional work. We aim to reach and surpass our objectives to the level required on every extensive and complex project. To accomplish this, we understand it is critical to have the right resources in place, have our teams in the right location, and have stringent design and quality control processes.

Resourcing, including hiring, training, and retaining the best design talent that shares our passion for design, has been the most critical element in achieving our goals. Resourcing includes acquiring the best creative design, the best production teams to develop these ideas, and the best design management to meet our quality control targets and milestones. Resourcing also includes having adequate staffing to deliver projects successfully and consistently.

When it comes to projects, we are involved every step of the way. We are protective of our designs and work to ensure our projects are planned and executed exceptionally; therefore, the location of our teams is critical to achieving this result. Having offices in London and Dubai allows us to guarantee continuous involvement in the design process, regardless of whether in Europe or the Middle East. This also allows us to supervise the installation of our projects almost anywhere in the world.

Lastly, our teams follow stringent step-by-step guidelines for design processes and procedures. Working to this internal standard ensures our Design Teams collaborate during every design stage and supervise, check, and improve on each other’s work and creativity. Ideas are developed and redeveloped within the team and are studied, assessed, and built upon. This we term: putting ideas through the spin cycle. This process assures that the ideas conceived by the wonderful teams of talented architects, designers, and developers we work with are fully utilised and also built upon. Our design process requires team leaders to conduct a specified number of workshops and quality control sessions during all stages of the design process.

These three main elements, resourcing, location, and design processes, form the backbone of our methodology and help ensure the progress and delivery of exceptional projects.