Amman, Jordan

Hilton Dead Sea Resort and Spa

The legendary Dead Sea, known for its low elevation, hyper salinity, and history as a sanctuary of refuge and well-being, is the location for the newest Dead Sea Resort and Spa by Hilton and Emaar. Adjoining the existing King Hussein Convention Centre, the resort provides guests with breathtaking views, outstanding restaurants, and an impressive spa experience.

The landscape journey is a sensory adventure attained through low-level lighting designed for elegance. The lighting design draws inspiration from the sea and the sensations achieved through spas and relaxation. It focuses on clean, soothing elements interwoven with the naturally carved scenery, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace. Whilst most of the exterior of the building is kept dark at night, the fa├žade scheme subtly highlights major vertical elements and enhances architectural niches.






Facade, Interior, Landscape Lighting