Dubai, UAE

Akira Back

Continuing his global expansion to more than 16 restaurants, Michelin Star Chef Akira Back has opened his first restaurant in the UAE, located in the W Hotel Palm Jumeirah. The restaurant provides a modern twist to Asian fine dining and aims to give patrons an elevated dining experience. The very modern and dramatic interior design was developed by Keane Interiors, staying true to the restaurant's Ethos and the clientele it attracts.

The overall lighting design strategy was to create a layer of lower ambient light levels throughout the restaurant and a secondary lighting layer to bring higher levels of focused light to the vibrant walls, art, and areas of architectural interest. Finally, narrow beam spotlights located directly above tabletops and along the sushi bar provide diners with light where needed.

Another lighting design objective was to create areas featuring calmer and more subdued lighting and to incorporate spaces where lighting can be more engaging. This change of tempo in lighting from area to area creates interest and avoids any lighting monotony. When guests enter the restaurant, they arrive through a rotating vortex of light, inspired by the interior designer's vision of creating a tornado whilst drawing upon other inspirations from nature. Light levels drop when entering the bar and lounge areas, and a more sensual and calming lighting scheme takes over. As guests continue to walk towards the central dining zone of the restaurant, they pass a wall of light adorned with bespoke hanging light sources and a well accented and lit wall of colourful mosaics. A simpler lighting scheme is utilised as guests reach the central dining zone. Downlights focus on tabletops, and ambient lighting is provided by hanging pendants. Finally, when guests enter the exterior bar area, lines of light inspired by lightning are embedded into the ground on the outer terrace, providing a glimmer of ambient light.

Delta Lighting Design’s opportunity to showcase the transformative power of light at Akira Black was recognised by Light Middle East and awarded the 2019 Restaurant/Bar Lighting Project of the Year.


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Facade, Interior, Landscape Lighting


Light Middle East 2019 | Restaurant Lighting Project of the Year

"Its interiors ooze a sultry charm with pockets of darkness accentuated by sleek metal work and subdued lighting" - Fact Magazine