Dubai, UAE

Gold on 27

The Burj Al Arab is often described as an experience, and appropriately so, considering its 7-star luxury services and its location in Dubai, one of the world’s most eclectic and dynamic cities. The service delivered at the Burj Al Arab is spoken of worldwide, with attention to detail and ultra-luxurious interiors awarding its exclusive guests that authentic VIP experience.

The Gold on 27 bar sets new interior and lighting design standards. As the name suggests, everything here revolves around gold, which has played and still plays an essential role in Dubai’s history. The holistic vision for Gold on 27 was to create a modern interpretation of Arab luxury through not only the finishes but also the attention to its exquisite intricacies and embellishments.

The metallic surfaces, the gold patterns on the walls, the golden sculpture on the ceiling, and the illuminated bar shelves were emphasised carefully so as to emerge as distinctive intervals for guests to experience as they move through the space.

Through creation of a glamorous atmosphere whilst also integrating seamlessly into the interior design concept, Gold on 27 Bar was named Light Middle East’s 2017 Restaurant & Bars Lighting Project of the Year.


Jumeirah Group




Interior Lighting


Light Middle East 2017 | Restaurant / Bar Lighting Project of the Year

"The bar is draped in gold and shimmers from every angle – it is like stepping into Aladdin’s cave" - Alex Martin, Elite Traveler Magazine