Dubai, UAE

Box Park

The Box Park concept draws inspiration from theatre, industrial architecture, and metal containers. Layers of light applied on façades and other architectural elements provide depth and visual comfort, whilst highlights of projections add interest and variation to the project. Walking alongside its path, visitors experience its panache, reminiscent of the character of selected industrial areas worldwide, such as Toronto’s Queen Street, Times Square and Broadway in New York City, London’s Harrods, and Paris’ Moulin Rouge.

Our firm is committed to design excellence, sustainable practices and exceptional client care, and we are humbled to be a part of these prestigious awards program.

As with theatre, several lighting scenes were created with a dominant architectural lighting scheme, echoing the project's rhythm and structure by unifying the project into one entity.

The façades of the project are converted into ever-changing scenes using dynamic light sources, colour-changing features, Gobos, video projections, and light art. The elevations become a canvas for the light to paint, creating altering views and moods.

Various Gobos and videos custom developed for content and context to underline the project’s thematic differences are projected onto façades. Signs of neon, graffiti, moving images, graphics, and messages enforce the unique experience for visitors. Recessed convex lens LEDs in vertical façades deliver brilliance and sparkle to the overall atmosphere. Lighting focuses on areas where it is needed, with most used to create an eye-catching space.

Lighting towers installed in various thematic sections - Harrods, Times Square, Broadway, and Moulin Rouge - are perceived as low-resolution media façades, projecting animations specially developed in content for the project.

Custom poles inspired by I-Beams found in construction and industrial buildings were explicitly developed for the project. Poles form an extension of the façades, most left exposed to maintain the industrial feel whilst at the same time used to associate them with the finishes found in the building’s elevations. Gobo projectors, video projectors, and pole heads are integrated and mounted in clusters on poles.

Glare is minimised by carefully selecting light sources and shields and reducing incidence angles onto the pedestrian areas and patrons dining in the food and beverage outlets. High-colour rendering is achieved using metal halide, and high CRI white LED light sources, whilst colour-changing RGB LED light sources are only used on the façade elevations emphasising the architecture. Lighting uniformity along walkways is achieved by careful study of light fitting selection, pole spacing, and ambient lighting emanating from other sources.

Sidewalk lighting provides vertical and horizontal illumination of the space, creating a feeling of safety and comfort. Seating areas have low lighting levels with sufficient focal lighting on tabletops and seating to ensure safe and secure spaces.

At Delta Light Design, every opportunity is a chance to create something remarkable. We were humbled that our work at Box Park was awarded the Illuminating Engineering Society’s 2016 Award of Merit and both Light Middle East’s 2015 Public Lighting Project of the Year AND Exterior Retail Lighting Project award recipients. Box Park was also highly commended by LUX Awards in 2016.






Facade, Landscape Lighting


IES 2016 | Award of Merit

LUX Awards 2016 | Highly Commended

Light Middle East 2015 | Public Lighting Project of the Year

Light Middle East 2015 | Exterior Retail Lighting Project of the Year

"From its settled, minimalistic architecture during the day to a colourful experience at night, Box Park Dubai’s many façades form a mosaic of colour" - ARC Magazine

Box Park