Dubai, UAE

Bvlgari Hotel & Resort Dubai

The Bvlgari Hotel and Resort Dubai – recognised as Light Middle East’s 2018 Hotel Lighting Project of the Year - is a stellar example of executing innovative and large-scale developments in Dubai for all disciplines. This 158,000 sqm urban oasis is situated on the manmade seahorse-shaped island of Jumeira Bay. It comprises the hotel building of 101 rooms, 6 residential buildings, and 20 expansive, luxury Bvlgari Villas complete with pool. Jumeira Bay offers amenities such as Il Ristorante Niko Romito, the Il Café with magnificent views of the marina, the Il Bar with its iconic oval-shaped counter, La Spiaggia, an exclusive beach club with a private beach, and a 1,700 sqm spa with hammam and indoor pool. And if that wasn’t enough, resembling a traditional seaside village in southern Italy, the complex also boasts a private marina featuring 50 boat berths and the world’s first Bvlgari Hotel Yacht Club, named 2018’s Restaurant & Bars Lighting Project of the year by Light Middle East.

The lighting concept aims to recreate the warmth of a charming Mediterranean Village. The approach is minimalistic and subtle for the interiors; all architectural light fittings are concealed and maintained in warm-colour temperatures. The elegant simplicity of the spaces is aimed to create a cosy home-like atmosphere enhanced by light from invisible light fittings, custom made for the ceilings and furniture of Bvlgari. Other interior signature elements include the Italian marble walls and Maglia Pantheon, a blend of circles, squares and eight-point stars inspired by the tiles of the Pantheon in Rome, present on screens and floors, all delicately highlighted. The guestrooms are decorated with illustrations of Bvlgari’s jewellery collections framed as artwork and lit by directional light sources to create a contrast with the soft general lighting from the central cove.

The maritime inspiration of the complex is evidenced by the presence of wood and open spaces coupled with stunning water views. Wooden elements such as staircases, platforms, and bars are awash with light from hidden fittings contained within details developed by the architect. Impressive portraits of female legends wearing Bvlgari jewels are scattered around the property. This artwork is accentuated, creating a contrast with the soft ambient lighting.

The essence of Bvlgari Resort Dubai lies in effortlessly conveying high-end design and fashion form. Most of the architectural and decorative light fittings for the interiors were exclusively created for this project by different manufacturers, which added another degree of complexity in terms of detailing and coordination on-site. The interior and façade effects are layered, producing minimalistic yet elegant spaces, unique and different from other hotel chains making this hotel striking and unforgettable.






Facade, Interior Lighting


Light Middle East 2018 | Hotel Lighting Project of the Year

"A magnificent island oasis of serenity and impeccable design" - Bvlgari