Abu Dhabi, UAE

Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria is a Hotel resort located in one of the 200 natural and manmade islands of Abu Dhabi, Masnouah Island. It is an area development of 124,600 sq. m. A total of 300 Keys approximately, consisting of water villas, beach bungalows, water bungalows, presidential and royal suite and chalet clusters including public facilities of spa, conference rooms, restaurants, beach bar, adults and kids pools, indoor pool, sports center, fitness club and events space. Access to the island will be by boat, or Hydroplane, definitely a destination for a unique private experience in a Maldives tropical flair.

Inspiration for the lighting of this resort is drawn for the ancient tradition of fire and the feeling of community, peacefulness and safety that one draws from that warm glow of a fire. It is a center piece and a beacon to visitors and guests alike.

Starting with this as the basis of our façade lighting design carefully selected warm color temperature light sources attempt to recreate comforting glows and washes of light onto buildings. The lighting of structures becomes our interpretation of the fire place. Warm glowing facades and interiors become our places for gathering and relaxation while at the same time acting as beacons within the island.

Inspiration is drawn for the façade lighting of these structure from the bonfires that we create to gather around.






Facade, Landscape Lighting