Dubai, UAE

H Residences

H Residences is a mixed use development consisting of residential and retail units. The building is in direct view of all cars and adjacent homes and located on a prominent street making the lighting scheme critical.

The design of the architecture as well as the introduction of repeating architectural shapes result in a rhythmic external impression of the building. This becomes especially evident during night time hours where light penetrating from behind wooden shades and balconies highlights the rhythm and form.

A simple light effect including the interior lighting of apartments, a wash of light on balconies, grazing of solid walls on the ground floor, aims to accentuate the geometry as the modules are replicated enhancing the external elevations. Keeping in mind the primary residential use of the buildings, the façade lighting aims to be unobtrusive, simple, and elegant, with only neutral white colors used for façade lighting, and warmer tones of light used for interior lighting.

To be sensitive to the environment that we live in and to protect the night sky, all selected light sources are full cut off, with care taken to avoid exposed washing of walls, and lights directed up into the night sky.






Facade, Interior, Landscape lighting