Dubai, UAE

Pullman Hotel

The refurbishment and rebranding of The City Centre Hotel to the 'Pulman Deira City Centre Dubai', was focused on infusing the interiors with a classic chic decor which is a key part of the brand dynamic. DELTA worked closely with Interior Designers LWD whose redesign scope comprised all guest rooms and public areas.

Both the Interiors and Lighting Design combine to play a critical role in creating the right atmosphere for each Hotel facility and guestroom, with the lighting effects aimed to support the creation of different moods and to define each space.

The lobby, with its grand character, is lit with a combination of general and accent lighting to enhance custom made design objects such as the chain chandeliers, sculptures, partitions and seating islands. DELTA ensured the lighting of the 'All Day Dining' is very flexible, to be adapted to the various activities and functions of the restaurant throughout the day. A dramatic and dynamic lighting design was created for the 'The Sport's Bar', inspired by the industrial character of the space. For the guestrooms, Delta worked closely with LWD to achieve the right light levels and sources to ensure the guests feel comfortable and at home.






Facade, Interior, Landscape Lighting

Pullman Hotel