Dubai, UAE

Kempinski Hotel

The refurbishment of the Kempinski Hotel Dubai at Mall of the Emirates has been instigated by the operator to ensure this classical hotel is kept competing at the highest level. The brief and therefore includes the redesign of key areas.

Delta were appointed as part of the team to provide a visual cohesion between the exterior, interior areas and corporate image that the hotel would like to project, and is currently developing proposals for the lighting redesign of the façade, landscape and the interior areas including the guestrooms, lobby and restaurant.

For the Façade, Delta has designed a classical lighting scheme which will create an elegant and timeless night time impression of the building. Multiple lighting effects create an interest to the façade by highlighting particular architectural elements such as columns and have also been used to create a visual understanding of the building, its boundaries and main elements.

Different light colour temperatures have been used to distinguish each body of the building and to differentiate the architectural massing. For example the top tower has been internally lit with a dynamic colour changing projector, which will give this building a long range visibility for its position on Sheikh Zayed Road.

For the guestrooms and the Lobby, our main task has been to enhance the classic ambience of this five-star luxury hotel through working closely with the interior designers, architects and the operator to treat each area specially in order to comply with comfort as well as aesthetic requirements.






Facade, Interior, Landscape Lighting