Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE

Karma Kafe Hampton Hilton

Karma Kafe at Hampton Hilton Ras Al Khaimah presents an enchanting lighting concept that harmonizes modern elegance with an Oriental allure. The space is bathed in a warm and welcoming glow achieved through a combination of meticulously positioned pendant lights and hidden lighting details. Suspended overhead, a series of pendants inspired by bird cages hang like luminous jewels, casting a gentle, ambient illumination that complements the intricate colors and textures of the interior decor. These pendants showcase ornate detailing and sparkle, evoking the grace and artistry found in traditional Oriental craftsmanship while seamlessly blending with the contemporary design.

In a dance with the passage of time, the lighting transforms throughout the day, transitioning from vibrant and invigorating lighting during the day to a more intimate and cozy atmosphere as the day evolves into night. Recessed spotlights artfully highlight the delights at the bar counter as well as the cosy seating areas. The lighting concept at Karma Kafe not only elevates the dining experience but also transports patrons into a realm of refined comfort and sophistication, creating an unforgettable fusion of Oriental mystique and modern indulgence.


JT + Partners