Dubai, UAE

Fit Republik

Envisioned as a built manifesto for public well-being, the Fit Republik is a burst of energy at the core of the Dubai Sports City. Following the operator’s motto ‘Power to the People’, the lighting concept generates a dynamic, energetic space, setting up a highly motivational scene, in tune with the goals of the adrenaline-seeking guests.

A flow of energy in the shape of suspended, pop-art light tubes links the main training areas, creating an organic route within the space, and inviting guests to explore every corner and training machine. Additionally, a blend of cool, saturated hues of blue and greens fills the main exercise hall, triggering a state of alertness and supporting guests to maintain high focus. At Fit Republik, light is unapologetically bold, presenting itself as the protagonist within the raw interiors designed in post-industrial style and defining an environment of high energy and empowerment.


Fit Republik




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