London, UK

Boutique 1

Delta Lighting Design was commissioned by Boutique 1 to carry out the interior lighting design of its London Sloan Square concept store. Working closely with the interior designer, DLD developed the lighting scheme providing a comfortable, breezy atmosphere for a sophisticated shopping experience. The lighting strategy was to provide a versatile system that could be adjusted along with the cycles of fashion seasons. Meeting the fashion world halfway, light remains subservient to the exhibited garments, highlighting the products and the feature displays. 3000K color temperature with high color rendering is used throughout the space, to enhance the richness of fabrics, textures and colors. The architectural lighting equipment itself is kept discrete and concealed within dedicated ceiling slots, to maintain focus on the light effects, while several custom decorative items are carefully added to the mix, to distinguish the counters and café area and visually guide customers towards these specific interest areas.


Boutique 1




Interior Lighting