About Us | Our Methodology

From start to finish, we take an active and careful role in the design of each project that we undertake. We have grouped our staff in teams with capacities in different areas and once a project is taken in, it is then directed to the team with the most experience on that type of project.

From there, we communicate with the architect and client regarding the design intent, project budget and desire for the project and then create a series of concepts that outline that intent. Through various methods of providing mood images, sketches, as well as 3D renderings and even animations, we deliver the most efficient and effective design program back to the client with a willingness to revise to their satisfaction.

Drawing on the experience of our designers from around the world, we integrate the latest and most cutting edge products and designs into the project, cutting costs and electrical load wherever and whenever possible. We work to create sustainable, timeless solutions for our clients that will not only distinguish the project today, but for years to come.