Dubai Mixed Use Development Towers | Dubai, UAE

Client: The Private Office
Architect: Fentress/ KEO International
Landscape Architect: 40 North
Scope: Façade and Landscape Lighting
Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE


Designed by the American architecture firm Fentress Architects, DMUD is a significant feature of the Dubai skyline, located adjacent the Burj Khalifa and rising 210 metres. The development comprises two slender towers, one concave and the other convex, visually connected yet independent are an expression of the dynamic growth of Dubai. One tower comprises a Sofitel hotel with an extensive pool and spa podium connected to a towering residential/commercial building, both serving as a gateway to the Burj Khalifah district from Sheikh Zayed Road. Delta’s brief, to make these towers an icon in the nightscape of Dubai.


The movement and folds in the architectural skin of the building are accentuated through a layering of the façade lighting. Recessed window reveals have been uplit using dimmable linear profiles with light levels either raised or lowered at crests and troughs in the elevations. Trusses have been softly uplit and zig zag elements are individually accented with surface mounted projectors highlighting the inner surface. This enhances the perception of movement in the architecture and highlights the changes in the façade.

To humanize the scale of the building Delta have highlighted the street level elevation and provide an indirect light line to draw out the start of the lower podium level, whilst light glowing from the large glass lobby help to define the base.

The skyline visibility is achieved through uplights highlighting the glass and mullion structure at the crown ensuring the building is distinguishable and visible at a distance.