Kempinski Mall of the Emirates - Porte Cochere and Public Spaces | Dubai, UAE

Architect: HBA
Contractors: AMBB
Location: Dubai, UAE


The lighting designer, interior designers HBA and the architects WATG were tasked with renovating the main entry, porte cochere and pubic walkways of the Mall of the Emirates Kempinski Hotel.

The main aim of the lighting design was to make these spaces more inviting and luxurious as well as to create a sense of brilliance.

Porte Cochere
Linear LED light sources where integrated into columns and at the bases of arches in order to create a sense of luxury as well as to accentuate the height and grandeur of the space. Light sources were also used to highlight ceiling coves further accentuating the space and adding depth.

Existing chandeliers were removed and retrofitted to include for an extra layer of lights and higher output lamps. Central chandeliers were stripped and replatted to give them a golden metallic finish. These changes to the chandeliers added to the brightness in the space and gave a sense of brilliance and luxury to the space without significant costs.

Main Lobby and Walkways
When considering the design of the main lobby the lighting aimed to connect the lobby and the lobby café and make them feel like one space. Ice, snow and cool white light form a central theme and feel for the Aspen Café and the hotel. These elements where brought into the main lobby and connecting walkways. As with the chandeliers and the other light sources used in the Lobby café, Crystal wall sconces and chandeliers in the lobby were lit with cool temperature light sources, giving the impression of lit ice.

Warmer color temperature light sources where used intentionally for all the other architectural lighting including down lighting, and cove lighting in order to provide contrast.