Hyatt Regencey Refurbishment | Dubai, UAE

Architect: GAJ
Contractors: Khansaheb
Location: Dubai, UAE


The Refurbishment of one of the most iconic hotels in Dubai required a very special approach in terms of lighting. On one hand, Hyatt called for a renewed image for the Hotel's main public areas such as the Ballroom and the meeting rooms - MICE, and on the other hand it was very important to keep the traditional historic character of these areas, reinterpreted to project a modern and appealing image. The challenges faced in a refurbishment project also served as an inspiration to find creative solutions for the lighting design.

The interior redesign of the ballroom was taken as the heart and main source of inspiration for the rest of the areas. It is in this majestic place where the antique chandeliers were replaced with magnificent Swarovski crystal modern light features, which have the aspect of ethereal clouds suspended from the grand ballroom space, and which break the light in a magical way through the crystals. To reinforce these elements, colour changing coves were designed in order to recreate a sky during different seasons and times of the day. While the sky colours generate the mood of the space, remote control narrow beam lights provide accent lighting for the tables. The peripheral walls are softly grazed with a warm light to provide lighting at a human scale along with beautiful crystal sconces. The prefunction area continues telling the story with elements such as crystal chandeliers suspended from lit ceilings and beautiful decorative floor and table lamps.

In the meeting rooms the overall lighting was given by a combination of layers. Functional downlights at the perimeter for general lighting, and pendants suspended from central coves to provide lighting at the tables. At the entrance and public spaces of the MICE area, modern sculptural pendants are combined with cove lighting that enhances the pearl finish of the ceilings.