Executive Team | Eleni Savvidou, Design Director

With a strong background in Architectural Lighting Design, Eleni recently joined Delta Lighting Design from New York City, USA. Eleni started her Lighting career in 1995 after graduating from Electrical Engineering, and Acoustics as a theatrical and TV Lighting designer. Her involvement in the Goulandris Museum in Athens Greece as a specifications and construction Engineer led her to New York in 2001. After receiving a Masters of Fine arts in Lighting Design from Parson's School of Design , she worked  for Horton Lees  Brogden Lighting Design in New York  as a junior Lighting designer and soon after she accepted a responsibility of a senior lighting designer at L’Observatoire International. She has managed and completed projects in USA, New York, Boston, St Louis, MI, Richmond, VA, Nantucket, MA, and abroad in Puerto Rico, Paris, France, Singapore. Her expertise has been in Museum, Hospitality, Large Shopping Malls and Boutique Retail. While in this company she has received multiple design awards.

In 2010, Eleni founded a lighting design company where she has been working in projects in USA, Germany, Greece, as well as India and Australia. Her expertise has been in mainly high en residential, spas and galleries, as well as private yachts and art installations. Eleni has been has been teaching Lighting Design at the School of Visual arts in New York and been a public speaker for her projects. She has been of dedicated participating leading member of Illuminating Engineering Society Organization (IES) since 2001 and Design Lighting Forum Association (DLF).

Length of Employment in the field: 19 years
Length of Employment with Delta: 3 years
Responsibilities for this project: Design Overview ,Project Management, Supervision of  Design Teams, Staff Organization and Resources, Management Budgeting, Quality Control and Account Relationship.