Dubai Pearl | Dubai

Client: Dubai Pearl
Scope: Façade and Landscape. Custom LED node design and development. Interior Lighting Design of Bellagio and McLaren hotels (on hold)
Location: Dubai


Overlooking the Palm Jumeirah Island in the heart of the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone, this development will ultimately contain 1,490 apartments, seven five-star hotels including Bellagio, Mc Laren and MGM, over 60 restaurants and a 1,800-seat Opera House.


The lighting design proposed by DELTA gives the Dubai Pearl a unique character and a long range visibility, allowing it to be seen from miles away as an iconic addition to Dubai's Skyline.

At the internal fa├žade area, the walls of the development will be dramatically lit, creating a contrast with the darker exterior shell. A system of light emitting diodes is to be built into the intersections of the mullion structure with the soffit in the internal facade. Each LED point will be individually addressable and colour changing with an RGB W WW NW system, allowing for the creation of magnificent shades and pearlescent colour gradients. A series of high powered projector lights will wash the external curtain wall surfaces, skimming the elevations to prevent light trespass and enhancing the mullion structure as an external shell.

Delta has developed a custom LED node in cooperation with a specialized LED manufacturer designed especially for the Dubai Pearl project.